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Pasadena Brake Fluid Service

A brake fluid service is a vital part of preventative maintenance and will make a huge difference in the performance and longevity of your Audi or Volkswagen. At European Auto Hause, we follow Audi and VW factory standards which recommends that all Audi and VW models have a brake fluid service performed every 2 years, regardless of mileage.

What is a brake fluid service?

A brake fluid service consists of bleeding the brake fluid and making sure that all air is removed from the system, then replacing it with fresh, clean fluid.

A brake fluid service is important when it comes to the effectiveness and operation of the brake system. With regular use of your Audi or Volkswagen, moisture and dirt will get into the brake fluid, causing a decrease in your brake’s performance. This can also cause damage within the system from rust, corrosion, piston scarring, seal damage and more.

Brake fluid service will also help you to avoid clutch and brake repair costs over the years. It is apparent with Audi and Volkswagen models that dirty brake fluid is a common cause of problems with the brake master cylinders, clutch master cylinders, caliper pistons, and clutch slave cylinders.

At European Auto Hause, we are the Audi and Volkswagen specialists in the area and are well equipped to handle all of your vehicle’s brake services. Whether you are due for a brake fluid service based on factory recommendations or you’re experiencing some worrying symptoms while braking, the factory master guild technicians are our Pasadena repair shop can help;

When you need a brake fluid service in Pasadena CA, bring your vehicle into the Audi/VW experts here at European Auto Hause or make an appointment online today!

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